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I’ve had dogs (rescued/fostered) for many years and never needed or wanted help but I run a small company in London and ...with two toddling daughters; among other responsibilities, I’ve found myself a bit stretched recently. I was extremely apprehensive about getting help with the dogs and not sure what to expect. How could I trust my precious furry family members with anybody else, let alone someone I hardly knew? However, within the first few minutes of meeting Jo I felt assured, it was all done officially with paperwork; a detailed consultation and CRB checks etc which, along with the way Jo was with the dogs and how they responded to her, really put my mind at rest.  


It’s been a month now and I’m extremely happy with how it’s going. Jo is one of the most professional people I know (you can actually set your watch by her) and her service way exceeds “dog walking”. Jo cares as much about my three dogs emotional needs as their physical wellbeing. All rescued (and one very nervous with considerable issues), Jo has taken the time to tune into their individual personalities, she notices the smallest details about how they’re feeling. One of the most useful things for me is how flexible Jo is, I've often texted to ask if she can fit us in at short notice and she's always and quickly found a way to accommodate us. I can't imagine many other companies would be able to offer that.  


A pocket of calm amidst our chaos – Jo is positive and enthusiastic (even in dreadful weather she’s smiling). The dogs are always thrilled to see her when she arrives and sad when she leaves. In fact one of them has fallen in love with Jo and clearly wants to live at her house! On all levels, I honestly cannot recommend Jo highly enough. She’s fantastic and I’m so, so pleased to have found her.  


"Brilliant service, would highly recommend" - Mel & Andy Reed – April 2014

"Top class service with personal caring touch" - Julie Eyre – May 2014

"Fantastic service, highly recommended. My dogs never want to come home after they’ve been out with Jo" - Sally McElhinney – May 2014

"Jo adores all dogs and they adore her. Your furry friends could not be in safer hands" - Trina Haworth – March 2014




Rita & Rupert

"Jo is one of the most professional people I know" - Ella Todd

Bella & Archie




Jo Carford is amazing and has helped me so much. Despite having had dogs all my life and knowing a lot about their needs, Jo has shown, shared and taught me so much more than I could have imagined these past few months, it's fantastic.


She's full of doggie knowledge and I'm absolutely loving having her help - ensuring the dogs get loads of exercise and training. I have no idea how I managed before I met Jo! I think, if you're a busy person with a lot going on, At Home Pet Services is not only a great help, it's crucial.


Thank you


Ella Todd – July 2014  



Betsy & Ernie

Ella Todd – June 2014 

Jo provides an amazing service.  My dog, Tillie, truly adores her. It’s a great comfort knowing that Tillie is in safe and caring hands.


I have learnt so many doggie tips from Jo and she has really helped me with Tillie’s training. She has an intuitive way of tuning in with all the individual dogs she looks after. She is  kind, caring, professional and it’s plain to see that all the dogs love her as she does them!


would 100% recommend At Home Pet Service – Tillie has grown in confidence since Jo has been around. It’s the best service for dogs!


Thank you


Emma & Tillie Barclay

May 2015